POS System and software is still the backbone of running your retail business correctly.

Like a diet, changing software can be a little painful in the beginning, the pain should go away and you should achieve your goals you were looking forward to. The hard step of both a diet and changing software is to get rid of the old habits and focus on the future and its results. Both are easy to fall back on and will achieve the same results if you do fall back – time wasted, money lost and more frustration.

To “make or break it” is not so much the implementation of the new software, but the willingness to adapt your business process to fit in the new retail management software.

Even though changing of processes in your business can be hard, but if done in the correct way, you will reap more benefits for your business, your employees, and your clients than staying with “the old way” could ever do.

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To survive in today’s business practise, you need a system that gives you the ability to generate more business and revenue out of existing customers, suppliers and products.

You must be able to stipulate your clients purchasing habits of the past as well as the future.

Information gathered with POS System is a vital part of the process of generating business opportunities by making information available to you to generate precise accounts, stock levels, client habits and how to satisfy client needs.

Based on sales trends you would be able to adjust your stock levels upwards or downwards so that the correct amount of investment is made into the correct department. Our point of sale can give all these reports and assist with good business decision making.

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The London Olympics officially begins today with its opening ceremony and South African athletes will be bearing the weight of expectation as they go in search of the mythical 12-medal target set by the South African Sports Confederation and Olympics Committee. 

This becomes abundantly clear that they need our support when one considers that South Africa has won only 19 medals since readmission into the Olympic fold in 1992.

Let’s support all the South- African contestants in our hearts as true South Africans!

The Games will be a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes and sectors to have events to boost your business    income and your employees morale.

Great timing to rent some of our SEC300 Cash registers during these busy times @ only R250.00 (ex vat) per day per machine.

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Planing to have some Olympic events of your own at your bar or restaurant?
Use out Accurate scale interface
Simply add a USB scale to your PowerTill stock control system and you can accurately gauge the number of tots in each opened bottle. At stocktake time you place the bottle on the scale and press a single button to convert liquor mass/volume to tots instantly!. 

With Powertill, XLPOINT and the correct Scale you can be the next golden winner!


There is an old saying if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. We see ourselves as part of the solution and are striving to assist all businesses to be part of our country’s economic crises solution. We find ourselves in die midst of a tough economic period again and every one is trying to get out of it.

We have built software that will improve your productivity and help you survive this tough economic problem. Our software is an easy to set-up, easy to use and gives you easy reports that you can understand and focus more time into your business.

Economic changes can quickly change a company’s fortune and therefore our software reports can be reviewed with more detail to determine problem areas in your business as soon as they spark up.

Empower your employees to learn tasks besides the ones they were hired for. Train and increase the responsibilities of your employees so that they have a more hands on approach.

IMPORTANT FACT: Positive, empowered employees and a good, accurate POS System will make a positive difference in your business!!


POS Software relieves you from employing further personnel to take charge of stock control, customer transactions, accounts and other unique events inside your supply chain.

Most small retailers can’t afford additional staff and solely rely on technology, and that is

where a good POS Software comes in. a Retail store does not only exist out of a good sales person to sell the stock, but also a marketer who entails a broad set of skills and an accountant to keep track of the business, no one is an EXPERT in all Three. If you don’t do all these things well, either you find a person that is good at it, or a POS Software will do it for you!

The Goal of a good entrepreneur is to find out their weak points, admit it and seek for resources to assist with their weakness. XL POINT Software allows you to do what you do best and sell your products.


Study your competition and anything they do better than you, you must improve on, don’t be the follower and wait for them to take action, be the leader!

We build Software and Solution to suit your needs and not sales staff that push software because they MUST sell it.

Smaller software companies like us understand your needs and always keep the customers wishes in mind to try and be more products specific. Tell us your needs and we work together to get a solution.

Product specific and beating your competition can be accomplished through quality Point of Sale software. 

Don’t complain about you competitor, lets do something about it!


It’s hard enough to keep head over water and then still have to share cash flow with your silent partners…your employees!

Looking at your reports daily should resolve this problem immediately. You need to know everything that goes through your Point of Sale software that is out of the normal full priced transactions.

It is important to see which employees are discounting, marking down or voiding transactions out of the norm. If an employee shows up on the exception on the reports then you know either they not well trained or trying to manipulate the system.

If you do not look out for your cash flow, sales summary reports and stock evaluation daily your silent partners will!

With the slow winter months ahead of us for July and August 2012, we decided to reward our old and NEW customers with some Winter specials on our rental machines.

Normal Weekday Price: R350.00 per day per machine ex Vat
Normal Weekend Price: R550.00 per Weekend per machine ex Vat

Only R250.00 per day per machine ex VAT on weekdays
Only R500.00 per weekend per machine ex VAT on weekends

 * Free programming included
 * R1000.00 breakage deposit required on collection
 * We can deliver and collect for an additional charge 

 Perfect for winter / wine and whale festivals coming up soon!!!
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PAY- FOR- A- SPAY – R67.00 to support the sterilisation of an underprivleged pet.

Thousands of animals are born into a life of suffering.

R67.00 will help to bring overpopulation one step closer to an end and will warm the heart of any animal lover.

Turnkeydata employees have a soft spot for animals and chose to support  "Mandela day" by donating R67.00 towards The sterilisation of an underpriveleged pet.

Turnkeydata systems staff....

The overarching objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good. Ultimately it seeks to empower communities everywhere. “Take Action; Inspire Change; Make Every Day a Mandela Day.”