With the slow winter months ahead of us for July and August 2012, we decided to reward our old and NEW customers with some Winter specials on our rental machines.

Normal Weekday Price: R350.00 per day per machine ex Vat
Normal Weekend Price: R550.00 per Weekend per machine ex Vat

Only R250.00 per day per machine ex VAT on weekdays
Only R500.00 per weekend per machine ex VAT on weekends

 * Free programming included
 * R1000.00 breakage deposit required on collection
 * We can deliver and collect for an additional charge 

 Perfect for winter / wine and whale festivals coming up soon!!!
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Tip #1 - Consider Touch Screens

Touch screens allow the mouse cursor to be controlled by touching the screen with your finger instead. Touch is one of the simplest, most instinctive human actions - making it very simple and fast for the user to interact with the computer. It will save you space and simplify training.

Using the mouse will invariably make your point of sale slower. It's much faster to use the keyboard or a touch screen monitor to complete transactions and ring sales.

This will speed up the time your register operator takes to complete transactions.

That's why touch screens are extremely popular in restaurants and bars. 

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All Customers are not created Equal:

No matter what size your company, building and nurturing a base of Loyal Customers through targeted marketing efforts contributes to a better bottom line. Information gathered with POS Software is how the most profitable companies separate themselves from the pack.

Information gathered from your Point of Sale can be very helpful to tell you which customers are profitable, which ones only purchase when you run a sale and which ones only purchase from you when they have no other choice. It is important to keep track of your customers purchasing habits. You can do this with the correct POS System.

The bottom line is the need to better understand your customers and use this information for promotions to different customer groupings.

Contact us for more info on XL POINT to help to target the right customers at the right time @ 021 683 6490

Planning and Preparation are always rewarded:

Always make sure your Hardware and software will be compatible before purchasing you’re your hardware. Some retailers think that they can purchase any hardware and it will just work with their software. Not in today’s life time anymore. POS Software is there to perform specific tasks that your store requires to make is successful. 

 “Imagine purchasing a part for 'a' car and then trying to get it to work with 'your' car. No one would purchase a random part for a car without verifying it is the correct part for 'their' specific make and model, however, many retailers will do this with computer hardware and then ask 'why doesn't work?'.”

It is always good to remember that your POS Software is a vital part of you business. Think of your POS Software vendor as your partner in charge of helping your business run smoothly. The more questions you ask prior to hardware purchases, the smoother things will go. Planning and Preparation are always rewarded and often avoid frustration.

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With a Scanner you business can achieve so much more:

Using your scanner with a good bar code and POS software you can achieve the following:
* Improve service by servicing your customers faster
* Reducing errors on typing in prices 
* Quick Stock take by using your scanner
* Save time and improve efficiency 
* Reduce cost on price tags and handling time

Bar code scanners allow you to check items MUCH faster and more accurately at the point of sale than if you type the PLU number on a keyboard.

Scanning bar codes at the POS is much more accurate than typing a PLU. The typical error rate for human data entry is 1 error per 300 characters. Barcode scanners can be as good as 1 error in 36 trillion characters depending on the type of barcode used.

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PRICE: Cheap is not always cheaper!

Remember there is a difference between cheap POS software and value based, reasonably price software. To best serve our customers we offer good value, affordable cost and limited risks.

If your scanner, printer, software or any part of your computer systems breaks down, your customers and employees will get very frustrated. Minutes can feel like hours in front of your customer when something goes wrong. Yet, it’s amazing how retailers choose the cheapest  scanners, printers and software they can find.

All POS companies have cost associated with their business and need a decent return to continue developing and serving their costumer base.

“Offering cheap POS Software says you don’t consider your POS Software to have much value to the customer”

Check out our Products for value based prices: http://www.cashregistershop.co.za/ or phone 021 683 6490.


You don’t have to be brilliant to make good purchasing decisions, you just need the correct information from your POS to do it for you.

Effective stock control is having the right products in the right place at the right time in the right quantities. With a well managed buying/POS system, you can improve your stock, cash flows and gross profit.  At the end of each month, you can identify and respond to trends as they develop.

All of this goes along with detailed planning. The planning can be accomplished by hours of work and spreadsheet or just using a good POS System. You need to do what you do best and be on the floor selling and not behind your computer trying to figure out how to plan.

Do it the simple way – use the correct POS System to control your stock.

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