Exclusive Software Development - Be product specific and beat your competition!

Smaller software companies like us understand YOUR needs and always keep the customers wishes in mind to try and be more products specific. Tell us your needs and we work together to get a solution.

We can do ANY software product development for you. Price does not have to be a problem, lets work on on this together and we can always market your product/our development! Our team can design any requirements you need regards to excel, combining forms and automating your excel requirements for your business.

Here's a list of few of our products:
* XLPOINT Point of Sale Software
* Complete stock control and Back office System
* Coupons printing

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POS System and software is still the backbone of running your retail business correctly.

Like a diet, changing software can be a little painful in the beginning, the pain should go away and you should achieve your goals you were looking forward to. The hard step of both a diet and changing software is to get rid of the old habits and focus on the future and its results. Both are easy to fall back on and will achieve the same results if you do fall back – time wasted, money lost and more frustration.

To “make or break it” is not so much the implementation of the new software, but the willingness to adapt your business process to fit in the new retail management software.

Even though changing of processes in your business can be hard, but if done in the correct way, you will reap more benefits for your business, your employees, and your clients than staying with “the old way” could ever do.

Call us for the perfect POS System that can adapt with you and your business to reach your goal @ 021 683 6490.