Use your POS system, Printer  and till slip for marketing purposes:

When searching for a POS System many venues’ are looking to implement some kind of marketing, promotion and loyalty feature.  Purchase a POS with an in-built marketing and promotion feature to help you do this!

Loyalty programs/Vouchers on your till slip are being used more and more, instead of discounting. Not only will the voucher bring customers back, they will usually spend more than the value of the card.

Another good reason..if you need it…is that 40% of gift cards are never redeemed and is like finding money on the floor.
Upload your receipt to display your company logo or brand. It is a lot easier and cheaper to market to existing clients than to clients you don’t have yet.

You can also make use of a loyalty system on your receipt to award your customers for shopping with you!

We have a wide variety of Second Hand Touch Screen POS Systems on Special: 

1st Special @ Only R9,500.00 (Ex vat) including the following: 
MSI Touch Screen
Thermal Printer
Cash Drawer
XLPOINT Point of Sale Software included

2nd Special @ R12,000.00 (Ex vat) including the following: 
Casio/ IBM Touch Screen
Thermal Printer
Cash Drawer
Kitchen Printer
XLPOINT Point of Sale Software included

They fly like hot cakes and are almost brand new! Save up to R 8,135.00 !!!!!

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Not only do we sell Cash registers / POS Systems and Software but also the smaller things your business needs.Why Not take a look at all our POS Peripherals:

Why Not take a look at all our POS Peripherals:

* Cash Drawers
* Receipt and Kitchen Printers
* Scanners
* Scales
* Pole Displays
* Computer Hardware
* Till Rolls
* Barcode Printers
* Business Stamps
* Money Counters
* Coin Sorters 
* and more...

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While it's impossible to completely protect your restaurant, bar or pub from theft, there are a number of precautions that you can take to reduce the chances of it happening.

Our POS System comes with advanced reporting. Managers can keep their fingers on the pulse with a host of at-a-glance reports showing sales and stock. Variance reporting flags up any loopholes and you can spot a snake in the grass Immediately

It’s hard enough to keep head over water and then still have to share cash flow with your silent partners…your employees!

Looking at your reports daily should resolve this problem immediately. You need to know everything that goes through your Point of Sale software that is out of the normal full priced transactions.

It is important to see which employees are discounting, marking down or voiding transactions out of the norm. If an employee shows up on the exception on the reports then you know either they not well trained or trying to manipulate the system.


Extremely easy to use, our Restaurant POS System is highly flexible and is designed to work in a range of restaurant concepts such as fine dining, pizza delivery and take away cafes.

Keep your customers coming back by providing prompt service and fresh and hot meals with one of our POS system.

Comprehensive reporting at the POS terminal provides management with vital information crucial to make informed business decisions. All sales and labour information can be consolidated at the central office using the external Back Office module (optional) for real time reports, automated program changes, customer order history, etc. 

Check out our Specials we are currently running on our Restaurant POS Systems:http://www.cashregistershop.co.za/html/specials.html

Let us help you renovate! 

Renovating a business is more than just new paint and furniture; a hardworking POS System  can be elemental to the success of your new venue. At Turnkey Data , we understand this, and can help you find a solution perfectly suited to your requirements.

Our POS System combines fast, intuitive touch screen technology with expert functionality to help connect and manage your business activities accurately and efficiently. Streamline operational tasks such as stock control and measuring sales figures and get a more cohesive approach across your business with our fully integrated modules for bar, bistro, bottle shop and restaurant.

Phone us now to help you @ 021 683 64 90 or email admin@turnkeydata.co.za 

With the busy Season picking up it can be highly stressful for pubs, clubs and restaurant owners. Making sure your customers are served quickly without compromising accuracy and keeping staff motivated.

Turnkey Data System will perform top notch and help you stay on top of things through these busy times. (fully booked restaurants, queuing diners, and crowded bars)

We can provide you with a choice of stylish robust POS Systems and very good XLPOINT Back office software, that is specific for Pubs and restaurants. Easy to use, Quick to train and very reliable.

Not only does it make your staff instantly effective, it also gives you a comprehensive picture of your business activities whenever you want, wherever you want it.

Contact us now for more info on what is suitable for your business @ 021 683 6490.


Stipulate your clients purchasing habits of the past as well as the future. See which customers stay loyal and use that for 

Information gathered with POS System is a vital part of the process of generating business opportunities by making information available to you to generate precise accounts, stock levels, client habits and how to satisfy client needs.

Based on sales trends you would be able to adjust your stock levels upwards or downwards so that the correct amount of investment is made into the correct department. Our point of sale can give all these reports and assist with good business decision making.

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XLPOINT Software -  Easy to use Stock take system:

Designed by us to be as simple as possible yet still retaining powerful features and reports. A clutter less POS screen makes for quick training and less confusion when looking for something.

XLPOINT’S stock system has been designed using Microsoft Excel as its user interface which makes using the system very easy to use and quick to learn.

All reporting is presented in Excel in a Pivot table which allows you to manipulate and design your own reports quickly and easily.

* Link items to group, departments, sub departments and suppliers. 
* Calculate GP’s, markup and profit.
* Control the stock quantities 
* Create recipe costings or Bill of materials in a retail environment 
* Create recipe costings or Bill of materials in a retail environment
* Capture purchases and view a history on all purchases on an items

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We can assist you and your company with Social media Marketing and Web site design - The real "in" thing to help promote your business and gain more customers.

Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service. Social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.

From creating your new website, to chatting on Facebook or just a little tweet to update your specials on Twitter. We can do all this for you!   

Website Design: 4 page design (Home, About us, product, contact) @ R750.00 (ex vat)
Social posts/events: @ R300.00 (ex vat) per month for 100 x events/posts
We can even train you to manage your own social posts and website.

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