Extremely easy to use, our Restaurant POS System is highly flexible and is designed to work in a range of restaurant concepts such as fine dining, pizza delivery and take away cafes.

Keep your customers coming back by providing prompt service and fresh and hot meals with one of our POS system.

Comprehensive reporting at the POS terminal provides management with vital information crucial to make informed business decisions. All sales and labour information can be consolidated at the central office using the external Back Office module (optional) for real time reports, automated program changes, customer order history, etc. 

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Smile! Turnkey Data Systems offers practical management solutions for your business. CASIO solutions are adapted to suit your needs and help to generate increased turnover, reduce costs and make work significantly easier.

Priced for the small business, but we deliver the quality expected by our large corporate customers.

Remember our programmers are able to program using VB in Excel if you are looking for small programs to help facilitate your office routine please give us a call 021 6836490 

PRICE: Cheap is not always cheaper!

Remember there is a difference between cheap POS software and value based, reasonably price software. To best serve our customers we offer good value, affordable cost and limited risks.

If your scanner, printer, software or any part of your computer systems breaks down, your customers and employees will get very frustrated. Minutes can feel like hours in front of your customer when something goes wrong. Yet, it’s amazing how retailers choose the cheapest  scanners, printers and software they can find.

All POS companies have cost associated with their business and need a decent return to continue developing and serving their costumer base.

“Offering cheap POS Software says you don’t consider your POS Software to have much value to the customer”

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