Are you using the right POS system for your business?

At Turnkey Data we have a wide variety of systems that can suit your needs:
We strive to put together individually matched POS packages perfect for your specific business requirements.

The size of the business number of employees, product range, management set up, each and every element is crucial while selecting the best suited Cash register or POS System. Is your venue a dine in or a take away? Do you serve beverages? Do you take bookings? and many more...

Our range can cater to the smallest of your needs such as keying in orders and sending them to the kitchen printer right through to automated stock control, sales reports, etc. The key is in being able to recognise what exactly your business needs.

So, whether you are still using a cash register or have made the switch to POS, give us a call to assist you on (021) 683 6490.

Not only do we sell Cash registers / POS Systems and Software but also the smaller things your business needs.Why Not take a look at all our POS Peripherals:

Why Not take a look at all our POS Peripherals:

* Cash Drawers
* Receipt and Kitchen Printers
* Scanners
* Scales
* Pole Displays
* Computer Hardware
* Till Rolls
* Barcode Printers
* Business Stamps
* Money Counters
* Coin Sorters 
* and more...

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Extremely easy to use, our Restaurant POS System is highly flexible and is designed to work in a range of restaurant concepts such as fine dining, pizza delivery and take away cafes.

Keep your customers coming back by providing prompt service and fresh and hot meals with one of our POS system.

Comprehensive reporting at the POS terminal provides management with vital information crucial to make informed business decisions. All sales and labour information can be consolidated at the central office using the external Back Office module (optional) for real time reports, automated program changes, customer order history, etc. 

Check out our Specials we are currently running on our Restaurant POS Systems:http://www.cashregistershop.co.za/html/specials.html


A POS software decision can directly affect the success and growth of your company. Dependable and efficient POS software can assure you improvement in sales efficiency, better income and less manpower requirement. POS software relieves you from employing further personnel to take charge of stock management, customer transactions, accounting, and other unique events inside your supply chain.

We specialize in providing small specialty retailers with high quality, inexpensive software that enables them to compete and beat larger retailers.
As a small retailer, you wear many hats and can’t spend all of your time trying to be an analytical genius. We have built a retailing process that is easy to use and gives you the information needed to improve your retail performance and still have time left over to lead a normal life outside of your business

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XLPOINT Software -  Easy to use Stock take system:

Designed by us to be as simple as possible yet still retaining powerful features and reports. A clutter less POS screen makes for quick training and less confusion when looking for something.

XLPOINT’S stock system has been designed using Microsoft Excel as its user interface which makes using the system very easy to use and quick to learn.

All reporting is presented in Excel in a Pivot table which allows you to manipulate and design your own reports quickly and easily.

* Link items to group, departments, sub departments and suppliers. 
* Calculate GP’s, markup and profit.
* Control the stock quantities 
* Create recipe costings or Bill of materials in a retail environment 
* Create recipe costings or Bill of materials in a retail environment
* Capture purchases and view a history on all purchases on an items

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Exclusive Software Development - Be product specific and beat your competition!

Smaller software companies like us understand YOUR needs and always keep the customers wishes in mind to try and be more products specific. Tell us your needs and we work together to get a solution.

We can do ANY software product development for you. Price does not have to be a problem, lets work on on this together and we can always market your product/our development! Our team can design any requirements you need regards to excel, combining forms and automating your excel requirements for your business.

Here's a list of few of our products:
* XLPOINT Point of Sale Software
* Complete stock control and Back office System
* Coupons printing

Contact our Team @ 021 683 6490

Positive Staff makes a Positive workspace (gives positive clients)

The Goal of a good entrepreneur is to find out their weak points, admit it and seek for resources to assist with their weakness. XL POINT Software allows you to learn our software quickly and to do what you do best and sell your products.

Our POS Systems and software is very user friendly that your employees will find it easy to understand and apply daily.

Don’t struggle with complicated POS systems that don’t benefit you, your employees nor your business. XL POINT is there to make your business run smoothly, cut out long days of stocktaking and help with your marketing tools.

IMPORTANT FACT: Positive, empowered employees and a good, accurate POS System will make a positive difference in your business!!

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All Customers are not created Equal:

No matter what size your company, building and nurturing a base of Loyal Customers through targeted marketing efforts contributes to a better bottom line. Information gathered with POS Software is how the most profitable companies separate themselves from the pack.

Information gathered from your Point of Sale can be very helpful to tell you which customers are profitable, which ones only purchase when you run a sale and which ones only purchase from you when they have no other choice. It is important to keep track of your customers purchasing habits. You can do this with the correct POS System.

The bottom line is the need to better understand your customers and use this information for promotions to different customer groupings.

Contact us for more info on XL POINT to help to target the right customers at the right time @ 021 683 6490

With a Scanner you business can achieve so much more:

Using your scanner with a good bar code and POS software you can achieve the following:
* Improve service by servicing your customers faster
* Reducing errors on typing in prices 
* Quick Stock take by using your scanner
* Save time and improve efficiency 
* Reduce cost on price tags and handling time

Bar code scanners allow you to check items MUCH faster and more accurately at the point of sale than if you type the PLU number on a keyboard.

Scanning bar codes at the POS is much more accurate than typing a PLU. The typical error rate for human data entry is 1 error per 300 characters. Barcode scanners can be as good as 1 error in 36 trillion characters depending on the type of barcode used.

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POS System and software is still the backbone of running your retail business correctly.

Like a diet, changing software can be a little painful in the beginning, the pain should go away and you should achieve your goals you were looking forward to. The hard step of both a diet and changing software is to get rid of the old habits and focus on the future and its results. Both are easy to fall back on and will achieve the same results if you do fall back – time wasted, money lost and more frustration.

To “make or break it” is not so much the implementation of the new software, but the willingness to adapt your business process to fit in the new retail management software.

Even though changing of processes in your business can be hard, but if done in the correct way, you will reap more benefits for your business, your employees, and your clients than staying with “the old way” could ever do.

Call us for the perfect POS System that can adapt with you and your business to reach your goal @ 021 683 6490.