Are you using the right POS system for your business?

At Turnkey Data we have a wide variety of systems that can suit your needs:
We strive to put together individually matched POS packages perfect for your specific business requirements.

The size of the business number of employees, product range, management set up, each and every element is crucial while selecting the best suited Cash register or POS System. Is your venue a dine in or a take away? Do you serve beverages? Do you take bookings? and many more...

Our range can cater to the smallest of your needs such as keying in orders and sending them to the kitchen printer right through to automated stock control, sales reports, etc. The key is in being able to recognise what exactly your business needs.

So, whether you are still using a cash register or have made the switch to POS, give us a call to assist you on (021) 683 6490.

Let us help you renovate! 

Renovating a business is more than just new paint and furniture; a hardworking POS System  can be elemental to the success of your new venue. At Turnkey Data , we understand this, and can help you find a solution perfectly suited to your requirements.

Our POS System combines fast, intuitive touch screen technology with expert functionality to help connect and manage your business activities accurately and efficiently. Streamline operational tasks such as stock control and measuring sales figures and get a more cohesive approach across your business with our fully integrated modules for bar, bistro, bottle shop and restaurant.

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With the busy Season picking up it can be highly stressful for pubs, clubs and restaurant owners. Making sure your customers are served quickly without compromising accuracy and keeping staff motivated.

Turnkey Data System will perform top notch and help you stay on top of things through these busy times. (fully booked restaurants, queuing diners, and crowded bars)

We can provide you with a choice of stylish robust POS Systems and very good XLPOINT Back office software, that is specific for Pubs and restaurants. Easy to use, Quick to train and very reliable.

Not only does it make your staff instantly effective, it also gives you a comprehensive picture of your business activities whenever you want, wherever you want it.

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A POS software decision can directly affect the success and growth of your company. Dependable and efficient POS software can assure you improvement in sales efficiency, better income and less manpower requirement. POS software relieves you from employing further personnel to take charge of stock management, customer transactions, accounting, and other unique events inside your supply chain.

We specialize in providing small specialty retailers with high quality, inexpensive software that enables them to compete and beat larger retailers.
As a small retailer, you wear many hats and can’t spend all of your time trying to be an analytical genius. We have built a retailing process that is easy to use and gives you the information needed to improve your retail performance and still have time left over to lead a normal life outside of your business

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Comprehensive Point of Sale systems that cater for small to large businesses, school canteens, loyalty systems, franchises with store inter-connectivity, cashless systems, and kiosks for corporate environments.

Systems for all types of environments from the small corner shop to restaurants, bars and night clubs

Reduce menu board costs and increase revenue. Create more interest in products with video and flash. Advertise upcoming events and products.

Customize software to your needs, for example coupon printing software, Back office software, and POS software. They can also design any requirements you need with regards to excel, combining forms and automating your excel requirements for your office/ bank. 

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Exclusive Software Development - Be product specific and beat your competition!

Smaller software companies like us understand YOUR needs and always keep the customers wishes in mind to try and be more products specific. Tell us your needs and we work together to get a solution.

We can do ANY software product development for you. Price does not have to be a problem, lets work on on this together and we can always market your product/our development! Our team can design any requirements you need regards to excel, combining forms and automating your excel requirements for your business.

Here's a list of few of our products:
* XLPOINT Point of Sale Software
* Complete stock control and Back office System
* Coupons printing

Contact our Team @ 021 683 6490

Economic Changes
Economic changes can quickly change a company’s fortune and therefore our software reports can be reviewed with more detail to determine problem areas in your business as soon as they spark up.

It is important to see which employees are discounting, marking down or voiding transactions out of the norm. If an employee shows up on the exception on the reports then you know either they not well trained or trying to manipulate the system.

Most Businesses, especially the smaller ones, are currently struggling during the winter times to get them up and booming again. Make the Economic changes / Recession work for you and your Business. A good POS System with the correct software can help you achieve this!

Check reports daily – is it really worth it?:

If you are not checking your reports daily, then you are not managing your business.
Your business is managing you!

It might sound like a pain, but that’s what you have to do. That is what the successful
Retailers do to keep their profits high enough. (or low enough)

Just looking at your margin reports daily, you could raise your profit by 3 or 4 percent.
Imagine how much money you would of have if your margin was 4% higher at the end of the year?

Make this a habit and part of your documented end of day closing tasks.
You'll sleep better at night knowing that you will be profitable tomorrow because you fixed the problems from today!

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Positive Staff makes a Positive workspace (gives positive clients)

The Goal of a good entrepreneur is to find out their weak points, admit it and seek for resources to assist with their weakness. XL POINT Software allows you to learn our software quickly and to do what you do best and sell your products.

Our POS Systems and software is very user friendly that your employees will find it easy to understand and apply daily.

Don’t struggle with complicated POS systems that don’t benefit you, your employees nor your business. XL POINT is there to make your business run smoothly, cut out long days of stocktaking and help with your marketing tools.

IMPORTANT FACT: Positive, empowered employees and a good, accurate POS System will make a positive difference in your business!!

Contact for advise on a GOOD POS System @ 021 683 6490.