A POS software decision can directly affect the success and growth of your company. Dependable and efficient POS software can assure you improvement in sales efficiency, better income and less manpower requirement. POS software relieves you from employing further personnel to take charge of stock management, customer transactions, accounting, and other unique events inside your supply chain.

We specialize in providing small specialty retailers with high quality, inexpensive software that enables them to compete and beat larger retailers.
As a small retailer, you wear many hats and can’t spend all of your time trying to be an analytical genius. We have built a retailing process that is easy to use and gives you the information needed to improve your retail performance and still have time left over to lead a normal life outside of your business

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Comprehensive Point of Sale systems that cater for small to large businesses, school canteens, loyalty systems, franchises with store inter-connectivity, cashless systems, and kiosks for corporate environments.

Systems for all types of environments from the small corner shop to restaurants, bars and night clubs

Reduce menu board costs and increase revenue. Create more interest in products with video and flash. Advertise upcoming events and products.

Customize software to your needs, for example coupon printing software, Back office software, and POS software. They can also design any requirements you need with regards to excel, combining forms and automating your excel requirements for your office/ bank. 

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XLPOINT Software -  Easy to use Stock take system:

Designed by us to be as simple as possible yet still retaining powerful features and reports. A clutter less POS screen makes for quick training and less confusion when looking for something.

XLPOINT’S stock system has been designed using Microsoft Excel as its user interface which makes using the system very easy to use and quick to learn.

All reporting is presented in Excel in a Pivot table which allows you to manipulate and design your own reports quickly and easily.

* Link items to group, departments, sub departments and suppliers. 
* Calculate GP’s, markup and profit.
* Control the stock quantities 
* Create recipe costings or Bill of materials in a retail environment 
* Create recipe costings or Bill of materials in a retail environment
* Capture purchases and view a history on all purchases on an items

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Smile! Turnkey Data Systems offers practical management solutions for your business. CASIO solutions are adapted to suit your needs and help to generate increased turnover, reduce costs and make work significantly easier.

Priced for the small business, but we deliver the quality expected by our large corporate customers.

Remember our programmers are able to program using VB in Excel if you are looking for small programs to help facilitate your office routine please give us a call 021 6836490 

Do you use Excel in your daily work creating spreadsheets if you need a program to help pull information and states from your sheets give us a call.

Our team can design any requirements you need regards to excel, combining forms and automating your excel requirements for your business. 

We can work together to develop an Exclusive software to suit your needs!

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Exclusive Software Development - Be product specific and beat your competition!

Smaller software companies like us understand YOUR needs and always keep the customers wishes in mind to try and be more products specific. Tell us your needs and we work together to get a solution.

We can do ANY software product development for you. Price does not have to be a problem, lets work on on this together and we can always market your product/our development! Our team can design any requirements you need regards to excel, combining forms and automating your excel requirements for your business.

Here's a list of few of our products:
* XLPOINT Point of Sale Software
* Complete stock control and Back office System
* Coupons printing

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Check reports daily – is it really worth it?:

If you are not checking your reports daily, then you are not managing your business.
Your business is managing you!

It might sound like a pain, but that’s what you have to do. That is what the successful
Retailers do to keep their profits high enough. (or low enough)

Just looking at your margin reports daily, you could raise your profit by 3 or 4 percent.
Imagine how much money you would of have if your margin was 4% higher at the end of the year?

Make this a habit and part of your documented end of day closing tasks.
You'll sleep better at night knowing that you will be profitable tomorrow because you fixed the problems from today!

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POS System and software is still the backbone of running your retail business correctly.

Like a diet, changing software can be a little painful in the beginning, the pain should go away and you should achieve your goals you were looking forward to. The hard step of both a diet and changing software is to get rid of the old habits and focus on the future and its results. Both are easy to fall back on and will achieve the same results if you do fall back – time wasted, money lost and more frustration.

To “make or break it” is not so much the implementation of the new software, but the willingness to adapt your business process to fit in the new retail management software.

Even though changing of processes in your business can be hard, but if done in the correct way, you will reap more benefits for your business, your employees, and your clients than staying with “the old way” could ever do.

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To survive in today’s business practise, you need a system that gives you the ability to generate more business and revenue out of existing customers, suppliers and products.

You must be able to stipulate your clients purchasing habits of the past as well as the future.

Information gathered with POS System is a vital part of the process of generating business opportunities by making information available to you to generate precise accounts, stock levels, client habits and how to satisfy client needs.

Based on sales trends you would be able to adjust your stock levels upwards or downwards so that the correct amount of investment is made into the correct department. Our point of sale can give all these reports and assist with good business decision making.

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POS Software relieves you from employing further personnel to take charge of stock control, customer transactions, accounts and other unique events inside your supply chain.

Most small retailers can’t afford additional staff and solely rely on technology, and that is

where a good POS Software comes in. a Retail store does not only exist out of a good sales person to sell the stock, but also a marketer who entails a broad set of skills and an accountant to keep track of the business, no one is an EXPERT in all Three. If you don’t do all these things well, either you find a person that is good at it, or a POS Software will do it for you!

The Goal of a good entrepreneur is to find out their weak points, admit it and seek for resources to assist with their weakness. XL POINT Software allows you to do what you do best and sell your products.