While it's impossible to completely protect your restaurant, bar or pub from theft, there are a number of precautions that you can take to reduce the chances of it happening.

Our POS System comes with advanced reporting. Managers can keep their fingers on the pulse with a host of at-a-glance reports showing sales and stock. Variance reporting flags up any loopholes and you can spot a snake in the grass Immediately

It’s hard enough to keep head over water and then still have to share cash flow with your silent partners…your employees!

Looking at your reports daily should resolve this problem immediately. You need to know everything that goes through your Point of Sale software that is out of the normal full priced transactions.

It is important to see which employees are discounting, marking down or voiding transactions out of the norm. If an employee shows up on the exception on the reports then you know either they not well trained or trying to manipulate the system.


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